The meeting went well

December 10, 2011 meeting in Moscow brought together about 30 thousand people, in St. Petersburg – about 10 thousand people. The rallies were in all major cities. State TV showed coverage of the rally.

orgy on triumfalnaya

Triumphalnaya square runs two unapproved events at the same time. One is the pro-Putin youth and another is non-parliamentary opposition. Police chases and binds only those who disagree with rigged elections. Celebrating the victory of the Medvedev’s party young people receive free winter jackets.

reports of clashes

Twitter reports of unrest in Moscow for a rally against election fraud.
Statistically falsification is considered as proved.

observer was beaten

At polling station number 2637 (sсhool 1214 in Moscow) fraud accuser was beaten

defeat of Edinaya Rossia was planned

Misha Verbitsky believes that the rating downgrade of Edinaya Rossia was pre-planned by Kremlin to remove the responsibility for the next major reform.

ballot stuffing

Journalists have exposed a criminal group that was going to throw 3080 sheets in several election areas.

falsification is simple

A lot of money was spent to fulfil the elections.
But protocols were rewritten with desired numbers.
Sum up the numbers on the picture. You’ll obtain more then 100 per cent.